Enstars Zine 2024

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Astralis, Kaebedo Zine 2022

Soukoku Big Bang 2022

‘Chuuya’s skin is is filled with colour, unlike mine. There’s sun in everything he owns, and yet I can’t say the sun loves him. The sun tried to burn him, and so he mastered the ocean.’

Chuuya grew up in a wealthy family that placed great value in material items. After the family dissolved, Chuuya went to live on his own with nothing of value and nothing to place his identity in. He’d always been enamoured with the sea, with diving and sailing and being as far away from the shores as possible. He disposed of things that he did not find necessary, and eventually moved in a former sailor’s boat.

Having severed his ties with is past, he starts losing his sense of identity, and with that, the notion of security and self worth. He engages in transactional relationships with men, in attempt to find his worth.

During a sea storm he meets Dazai, an urban explorer with a fleeting identity, who forces him to face the reality of things and face himself.

Seashores Kneeling by Kaessiopeia

Kaebedo Big Bang 2022

“But...while you’re here...and while I’m here...it’s okay to feel lost.” Albedo said, dipping his toes into the water, jerking it back when he underestimated how cold it was. He tried once more, but gentler.
“Is it?”
“Yeah. No one knows this place better than I do. I would find you even blindfolded. So if you need to go on a self discovery journey, go for it. I’ll bring you back.” He looked down at the water ripples he made with his feet, smiling with the innocence of a child.

Sun, Take Me As I Am by Kaessiopeia

Kaebedo Big Bang 2022

There is a school festival at Mondstadt high school! Kaeya decided to skip this years musical to spend time with his friend (and crush), Albedo. When he arrives at his classroom, they are holding a maid café!

Kaeya, excited to see Albedo all embarrassed, is the one who will be embarrassed instead because…

Albedo is just too cool!

Albedo is way too cool for this… by RingDoorbell