Hello! You can call me Cor.

Unfortunately I am trapped playing games such as FFXIV, Genshin Impact, Ensemble Stars!! and Honkai Star Rails. I often try out new gachas but they rarely stick around. I enjoy things zoology and paleontology, and just various creatures real or fake. I also enjoy making two fictional characters kiss like they're barbie dolls. I never got over my tumblr era I guess. This is not a complete list as I tend to hop around in my interests a lot, but these have been a constant.

The website name Crnix and my name Cor, both comes from Corvus Cornix (Hooded Crow) which is a cool type of bird that lives here.

Neocities profile


Unfortunately I am still on many social platforms, feel free to say hi if you see me there!

Regular twitter (Currently locked because I never use it)
Enstars twitter
Art tumblr
Reblog tumblr
bsky (mostly inactive)
fediverse (mostly inactive)

Art spec

iPad Pro 12.9" or Wacom Cintiq 16
Art program: Adobe Fresco or Corel Painter. Few drawings in Procreate, Clip Studio Paint or Art Studio Pro.
Feel free to ask me if there's a specific drawing you want to know what it is made with.


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